Jitterbug Customer Service

A personal customer service experience unlike any other.
At Great Call -  Jitterbug, we don’t believe in automated voice systems or hiring someone outside the United States to answer your calls. That’s why we’ve developed a special team of 24-hour, U.S.-Based service professionals that includes our helpful Customer Service associates, as well as our friendly Jitterbug Operators. Our U.S. based Customer Service experts are standing by to assist you with any questions you may have about your new Jitterbug cell phone or your service. We’re here to listen and learn from you and we are committed to providing a helpful service experience.

Our live, friendly Operators are also 100% U.S. based and available to assist you 24-hours a day. You can reach the Great Call- Jitterbug Operators by dialing ‘0’ on your Jitterbug phone anytime, day or night. Our Operators will always greet you by name and they can assist you with everyday Jitterbug services, like updating your Phone Book, connecting your calls, or helping you find numbers through directory assistance. Give us a call anytime. You’ll discover that we don’t treat you like an account number, because we consider you part of our family.

To reach our helpful Operators, dial ‘0’ on your Jitterbug phone, 24-hours a day.

Or from any phone call 800-918-8543